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If you can walk on it, we have a better solution.

Featuring Elite Crete, utilized for our Epoxy & Cement based Decorative Coatings we raise the standard of floor covering options, offering flooring finishes that are not only much more durable than conventional flooring products but completely customizable with unlimited color, design & pattern choices.

Benefits of Elite Crete Finishes
  • Literally unlimited design options. If you can imagine it, we can do it.
  • So durable, you can drive a semi truck on it. You can’t say that about typical flooring options.
  • Maintenance is so simple. Mop it and wax it. Done.
  • Will not stain like carpet or tile grout lines.
  • Will not crack like tile from the impact of something being dropped on it and will not gouge like wood flooring.

Ideal for:

  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Living spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Schools and colleges
  • Auto dealerships and showrooms
  • Garages and large parking garages
  • Medical offices (seamless flooring with no grout lines)
  • Sports arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • And so much more...

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